WORK SHOP is a new retail platform created by OUR LEGACY.

WORK SHOP is both a creative studio/crafts atelier (WORK)
and a retail store (SHOP).

At WORK SHOP, current OUR LEGACY collections are displayed in alternative ways, press/show (A.3) SAMPLES are hung next to inspirational (A.9) REFERENCE garments. Importantly, WORK SHOP is a place where hand picked back catalogue OUR LEGACY garments and fabrics are either sold as (A.2) DEADSTOCK at reduced prices, or given new life thru (A.5) UPCYCLE or (A.4) RECYCLE processes. For those who have seen all, WORK SHOP (A.1) CRAFT is an elevated form of deconstructing and rebuilding garments into unique stand alone pieces. For our beginners, OUR LEGACY (A.6) KIDS is introduced.


OUR LEGACY garments deconstructed and rebuilt into new pieces, including hand painted details, patchworks and embroideries. All made in the WORK SHOP atelier. All pieces are unique, one of one.


Back catalogue OUR LEGACY. New with tags-pieces from previous collections handpicked and sold at a reduced price.


OUR LEGACY press, show and salesman samples.


DEADSTOCK pieces are taken one step further, processed and refinished at the WORK SHOP. Experimental washes and overdyes makes every batch unique. Silkscreened prints elevates jersey pieces, color baths makes tops and bottoms both informal and uniformal. All processing is executed on sight by professionals. Sustainability and esthetics are top of mind.


Residual fabrics are used into making brand new OUR LEGACY WORK SHOP exclusive pieces. A shirt or a trouser fit you recognize from one season in a fabric you know from another. A puzzle laid out to fit the need of the now. Decreased environmental footprint by reaping what's already been sow.

(A.6) KIDS

A small genderless OUR LEGACY collection is introduced for kids of ages 1–6 years. A.5 UPCYCLE for a younger generation.


Fine vintage OUR LEGACY-reselling, by staff and customers.


Furniture, ceramics, books, records, movies and more, curated by OUR LEGACY.


The original vintage pieces from where parts or the whole of the inspiration to classic OUR LEGACY designs came together. Transparency is the key. Theme weeks are scheduled where the WORK SHOP pays tribute to specific designers whom have inspired the brand.